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Can Overtrading Increase Your Chance of Success?

  Many people think that when they are trading in Forex, they need to overtrade the market. The reason they believe if they place more trades they have more chances of success is they believe trading in Forex is random. There is no pattern, there is no trend and you will believe that you can make your money. Most people ... Read More »

How to Improve Your Trading Performance?

  Most people of Forex market do not know how to improve their trading. Since Forex market has been open to the traders to trade with currency pairs of many countries, this Forex market has changed a lot. Many people who are trading in Forex think if they only buy and sell at a cheaper rate, they are going to ... Read More »

Don’t Set Unrealistic Profit Factors in Trading

  When traders are trading in the market, the market is constantly moving up and down. They cannot get a whole profit from the market. They can only make some partial profit in the market. If you are an optimistic trader in forex, you may be ready to die for working out your strategy to make the market work. This ... Read More »