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How to Secure a Business Loan with Bad Credit


Did you know that you can secure a business loan even if you have bad credit? Many people may have given up on the area, but it is true. They find themselves coming up with a great business idea, but due to lack of money and a poor credit score, they let their ideas fly away.

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It is still possible to start a new business and achieve your goals despite your bad credit rating. But, how can it be done? The following tips will show you how you can secure a business loan with bad credit.

Have a Detailed Business Plan

Creating a good business plan that can project consistent cash flow will increase your chances of getting both secured and unsecured business loans with no personal guarantee, despite your bad credit report. A good business plan will automatically attract potential investors who will be more inclined to lend their money to you.

You should also try as much as possible to find ways in which you can start improving your creditworthiness. You can start by requesting and checking your credit report for accuracy. You can then use that credit report to remove factors that bring your score down, for example, late payments and hard inquiries.

Prepare Collateral

Your personal credit history might be bad, but that does not mean your business is also affected. In this case, a secured loan can be of great help to your business. With this kind of loan, you need to put up some form of collateral to secure it. Ensure you understand all the risks involved and the type of collateral that the lender may require before you secure the loan. Don’t forget that your assets will be automatically seized if you default on paying the loan.

Close Friends and Family

You can also seek the help of your close friends and other relatives by asking them to lend you money to start your business or even expand it. The most important thing is honesty. Explain the reason you are not borrowing from traditional lenders. Explain to them about your bad credit score and lack of collateral, including any other things that are preventing you from borrowing from established banks.

In most cases, they will understand your situation and may help you if they can – and if you haven’t burnt too many bridges. Give a chance to those who would like to play a role in managing your business or even own a part of it. Make sure your business plan is viable to allow you to repay all your loans and prevent any relationships from getting broken.

Financing from your Peers

Another option that is open to budding entrepreneurs is peer-to-peer lending. As opposed to regular financial institutions, peer-to-peer lending is individual-based. All you have to do is visit a website with potential lenders, follow their admission process, and apply for the business loan. The platform verifies your authenticity first then proceeds with all other transactions online. In most cases, the lenders set the rates of interests based on your credit rating.

All the above tips prove that there are many ways that you can start and run your business with poor personal credit. So, with all these options at your disposal, there is no reason to let your dreams die out of a lack of resources.

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