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Top 3 Tech Launches Of 2013

Every year brings a new wave of gadgets and gizmos. With the tech giants battling across their respective markets to break new innovations, the 2013 haul has been particularly impressive. There have been many technology products launched in 2013 that have changed the market landscape. But what are the most influential, and how are they changing the face of technology in their respective space?

Xbox One

Yet to be officially released in the UK, the Xbox One is already shaping up to be a revolution in the console market. The 8th generation console is Microsoft’s most ambitious offering to date, and its move into all-round entertainment has made it a contender for smart TV market share. The Xbox One replaces the older, 360 model, and is built on a different architecture to allow for more liberal integration of the Kinect function. The One is set to hit European markets in mid November, and it is hotly anticipated to be one of the best selling games products in the run up to the Christmas season. Despite competition from the other big guns in the industry, the Xbox seems the most significant jump forward in technological capacity.


iPhone 5s/5c

While Apple might not have found the next iPod or iPad when they announced the release of their latest gen iPhones, their launch was still one of the most captivating of the year. The cheaper 5c model in particular has caught attention. Analysts say the move is designed to help Apple boost its market share in the all-important emerging markets. By making a more affordable iPhone, Apple are hoping to make a bigger impact in the Chinese market in particular. Its multicolour designs are somewhat unconventional for the series, but already proving popular in core markets.


Galaxy Note 8.0

Launched in the UK back in April, the Galaxy Note 8.0 is Samsung’s latest and greatest offering in the tablet market. Running the Android platform, the Note 8.0 is one of the leading forces in the market, thanks to its usability, price and build quality. In direct competition with the iPad, there is certainly no love lost between Apple and Samsung. As a product, the Galaxy Note 8.0 comes to rival more expensive models like the iPad, making it a popular choice ever since its launch several months ago.

The markets these tech giants operate in are some of the most competitive on the planet. Experienced businessmen recognise the importance of being first. Entrepreneur Francesco Corallo’s Weebly posts highlight these business lessons. Even those who already have a comprehensive knowledge of business practices need to work at innovating and improving their offering, if they want to stay competitive and gain ground on their rivals.

The launches of 2013 have been impressive. But 2014 looks set to bring a new wave of technologies, innovations and inventions. Key markets to watch remain the smartphone and tablet markets. With research and development departments working tirelessly to find the next big hit across these industries, look out for more exciting developments in the months and years to come.

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