Guide to Classic Car Insurance – Everything You Need to Know

Classic car insurance can be complicated, and you need to research all of the different options and discounts that are available. Over the last few years the policies that are available have changed, and more insurance companies are adapting their insurance for classic cars. As soon as a car is over 15 years old it becomes a vintage, which means ... Read More »

Dealing with Professional Negligence Surveyors

Surveyors are one of the many professionals that you will turn to in your life, and these are typically used for land or property purchases. Many building projects, purchases and sales will need a survey performed, which is when you need a professional. Claims against surveyors were once uncommon; however, today more people are choosing to sue their surveyor. If ... Read More »

With a capital: Is accessibility important for business growth?

Any business wants to be in the epicentre of commerce, culture and communication. And as more start-ups continue to flock to London, one needs to stop and ask why exactly this is. Whether it is the creative West End, the ‘yuppie’ Shoreditch or the financial City, the capital city continues to prove why it is ‘the place to be’ for ... Read More »

How To Save On Your Household Outgoings

Household bills are one of those essential elements of expenditure. Few people enjoy the process of paying these bills, and many find them putting consistent pressure on their income month on month. As a sensible, prudent householder, it is in your best interests to find ways to reduce these costs. This is possible across different areas of expenditure, but it ... Read More »

Starting 2014 on the right foot

New year, new start – right? For many businesses, 2014 is the chance for a clean slate and ride a wave of optimism sweeping across the UK economy that is continuing to grow. With the worst now hopefully behind us as far as business is concerned, from January onwards many companies are looking to expand. According to Bloomberg and the ... Read More »

Money Saving Tips For Long-Term Benefits

Saving money is something people fail to take seriously enough – both in terms of setting some money aside for a rainy day, and simply reducing unnecessary expenditure. People prefer to imagine earning more money, rather than spending less, yet the net effect of both is equivalent. Everyday savings tips can be highly effective, even when the benefits seem slight. ... Read More »

Top 3 Tech Launches Of 2013

Every year brings a new wave of gadgets and gizmos. With the tech giants battling across their respective markets to break new innovations, the 2013 haul has been particularly impressive. There have been many technology products launched in 2013 that have changed the market landscape. But what are the most influential, and how are they changing the face of technology ... Read More »

Are you looking for a forex trading course?

Forex is the foreign exchange market, which is otherwise known as FX or the currency market. Trading currencies is an attractive career to many, as considerable wealth can be attained, plus trading can be very exciting. Learning to trade forex can be challenging if you’re not following a course taught by experts. There are a number of options available to ... Read More »

Protecting the people closest to you

Most homeowners these days will have taken some sort of basic security measures in a bid to protect their property. Whether these are fairly straightforward steps such as installing a burglar alarm or even CCTV cameras, most people will have improved the security of their house in some way. Failing to do this is risking a break-in at a home ... Read More »