Buying Business Insurance Online

  Here are some top tips if you’re considering buying business insurance online. This presumes that you’re already fairly clear on the type of cover you need, though many experienced companies offering facilities for buying business insurance online will also be only too happy to offer advice and guidance: some companies offer facilities for obtaining quotes and buying the cover. That’s ... Read More »

The ten biggest scandals of the art market

Dealers, mediators and lovers of art have found themselves at the centre of global attention, as scandals are on the rise with the victims being collectors, who pay massive sums to acquire rare artworks by famous artists. Lack of supervision The art trade is governed by a closed, non-transparent system, which as a result sees a number of unscrupulous individuals ... Read More »

All loans today give the chance for everyone to borrow

  There are so many varieties of loans today that there’s an option to suit everyone, regardless of income or budget. There was a time when taking out a loan meant you needed to meet strict criteria imposed by the bank. Thankfully, times have changed and borrowing is easier with one of the most popular loan choices today being a ... Read More »

Unsecured Fixed Rate Practice Loans Explained

Are you a partner or manager of a professional practice? Although the services you offer are backed by the status and standing of the profession, business needs are just as acute and challenging as for any small or medium sized enterprise (SME). Key amongst those challenges is finding the sources of finance to set up and keep your business running, ... Read More »

Don’t Set Unrealistic Profit Factors in Trading

  When traders are trading in the market, the market is constantly moving up and down. They cannot get a whole profit from the market. They can only make some partial profit in the market. If you are an optimistic trader in forex, you may be ready to die for working out your strategy to make the market work. This ... Read More »

When It’s Time to Make a Major Life Change

  Are you at a point in your career where you need to move on? Or perhaps you are simply looking for a complete change of scenery? You know what they say: a change is as good as a rest. If you want a real change, one that completely reshapes your life, why not consider living and working abroad? Many ... Read More »

Increase Sales with Card Payment Solutions

The credit and debit card has become the preferred method of payment for most people, even in face to face transactions. Developments in wireless technology, in particular, mean that taking payments by card is a must, so if you’re not already doing so, you need to check out the latest developments. Before we go on to talk about the various ... Read More »

Save And Earn More Money with These 8 Tips

Depending on what you are saving for, whether it is for a home, a car, or a sense of financial security, having a goal in mind is a fantastic way to keep yourself incentivised and motivated. Here are 8 tips for those who wishes to save and earn more money in 2017. Create a budget Understanding exactly what is happening ... Read More »

Some Advantages of Prepaid Cards You Should Know

Recent years have seen a quiet revolution in the way we choose to pay for goods and services, as more and more transactions are paid for by credit cards instead of cash. Traditional credit and debit cards have grown in popularity because they are often a quicker, safer and easier alternative to carrying a wad of cash in your wallet. ... Read More »

Tesla Car Insurance

Tesla cars are certainly eye-catching and the latest Model S in particular has grabbed the headlines of car reviewers and favourable public opinion alike. It might come as a surprise, therefore, that as of 2016 there are only 2,135 of the various Tesla models registered for use on UK roads – and that figure represents just 0.01% of all cars ... Read More »