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Getting crafty with the kids

Children love to spend their days cutting things up and making new toys and gifts to give to relatives on their birthday or at Christmas. It’s sometimes expensive though when you visit craft shops for supplies or look to buy purpose-made kits, but there are a number of ways to spend many days being creative for little or no cost.


Hang out the flags

Keep hold of old magazines, pieces of wrapping paper, ends of rolls of wallpaper or books which are no longer being read by the children. They can create bunting with any or all of these throw away items can be used to either decorate their bedroom or create strings of colourful triangles for an upcoming birthday party. It’s a great way to have themed decorations as they can cut out pages from old magazines which feature popular characters such as Peppa Pig.

Get ready for the weekend

You can get a free ‘weekend box’ by using an online code to use at Weekend Box Club. You’ll receive a box every fortnight full of activities for the children including something to make and something to cook. It’s a great way for them to learn new skills, something to look forward to making and with the first one being at no cost, it’s a great way to keep them quiet and it won’t cost you a penny for your first box and then ones after that are only £7.50 each.

Children’s Centres

Ask your local council about the location of your nearest Children’s Centre. They are free to attend and have events going on all year round. There are often craft workshops taking place during the holidays as well as sporting activities and days out. They are massively underused so take the opportunity to support the community and keep your money in your purse.

Lucky dip

Before the school holidays start this summer, set up an activity lucky dip box. Ask the children to come up with lots of ideas of things they would like to do, write each on a piece of paper and fold them up and pop them in a tub or box. When they are asking what to do in the holidays, get the lucky dip box out and you have a whole host of ideas which could include making collages from leaves in the garden to a baking session of decorating chocolate crispy cakes they have made with edible glitter and icing.

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Children love to get creative and introducing them to different crafts gives them the opportunity to express themselves as well as make something which they will give as a personalised and loving gift. All parents enjoy receiving hand-made presents from young relatives and with some creative thinking of your own; you can keep them occupied over the summer months at very little cost to you.


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