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Car Loans Guide

  In a story published on the 5th of July 2017, the Guardian newspaper mentioned “an explosion” in the availability of car finance deals that sustains the level of purchases of new and used cars in the UK. This brief car loans guide may be a help in understanding some of the car finance options which prove popular amongst consumers: Unsecured loans probably ... Read More »

How to Secure a Business Loan with Bad Credit

  Did you know that you can secure a business loan even if you have bad credit? Many people may have given up on the area, but it is true. They find themselves coming up with a great business idea, but due to lack of money and a poor credit score, they let their ideas fly away. Royalty Free Photo ... Read More »

All loans today give the chance for everyone to borrow

  There are so many varieties of loans today that there’s an option to suit everyone, regardless of income or budget. There was a time when taking out a loan meant you needed to meet strict criteria imposed by the bank. Thankfully, times have changed and borrowing is easier with one of the most popular loan choices today being a ... Read More »

Unsecured Fixed Rate Practice Loans Explained

Are you a partner or manager of a professional practice? Although the services you offer are backed by the status and standing of the profession, business needs are just as acute and challenging as for any small or medium sized enterprise (SME). Key amongst those challenges is finding the sources of finance to set up and keep your business running, ... Read More »

Choosing the Correct Way to Finance a Car

There is no single correct way of financing a car you want to be. The correct way is the way that suits your particular needs and circumstances – and these may differ quite markedly from someone else’s. Choosing the correct way for you It might sound easy to say that the correct way is the finance deal that suits your ... Read More »

What are the benefits of using a pawnbroker?

Pawnbrokers can be invaluable for all kinds of people who need a cash injection in a hurry and have assets available against which to secure finance. It used to be that only small shops were available to provide this kind of secured loan – and the public may have looked upon them somewhat warily. However, all this has now changed ... Read More »

Buying a Car: What Are Your Finance Options?

One of the things that you probably rely on in your day-to-day life is your car. This is something that can help you with everything from ferrying the kids around through to getting to and from work. With this in mind, most of us are keen to be able to buy a car that is reliable, safe and will not ... Read More »

Quick: the Advantage of Payday Loans

Payday loans are a handy way of covering any unexpected expenses that may have cropped up in your life. When it comes to getting through the months without financial hitches, such things will always be obstacles to you in terms of getting on, and few if any are totally spared these inconveniences. Sometimes, these things can be quite serious. If your ... Read More »