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The ten biggest scandals of the art market

Dealers, mediators and lovers of art have found themselves at the centre of global attention, as scandals are on the rise with the victims being collectors, who pay massive sums to acquire rare artworks by famous artists. Lack of supervision The art trade is governed by a closed, non-transparent system, which as a result sees a number of unscrupulous individuals ... Read More »

How to Register a Death

If someone you know dies – at home, in hospital or elsewhere in the UK – and you are their closest relative or friend, you need to formally report their death to the Registrar of Births, Death and Marriages at the local Register Office. Not only is there a legal requirement to do so, but you will also need the ... Read More »

Hospital Negligence Claims – Learn How you can Claim

Hospital negligence claims sound complicated, but you need to ensure that you pursue the claim when things go wrong. If the hospital that you are being treated within fails to provide the correct care, you are entitled to make a claim. Although this area of law can be complicated, there are plenty of companies that can assist. If you want ... Read More »

Dealing with Professional Negligence Surveyors

Surveyors are one of the many professionals that you will turn to in your life, and these are typically used for land or property purchases. Many building projects, purchases and sales will need a survey performed, which is when you need a professional. Claims against surveyors were once uncommon; however, today more people are choosing to sue their surveyor. If ... Read More »