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How to Reduce Your Haulage Insurance Premiums

  Few fleet managers are likely to be unaware of the need for cost containment. Some though might not quite appreciate just how much scope they might have for saving money on their haulage insurance premiums by taking a few basic steps. Some of those options are noted below. Driver management Haulage insurance might offer “any driver” cover if required (providing ... Read More »

What is High Net Worth (HNW) Home Insurance?

  You might well have seen references to high net worth individuals – but how do you identify such a person? How wealthy does someone have to be before they gain the title of high net worth? The answer, of course, is that there is no absolute standard and definitions may vary quite widely. Millionaires and billionaires Some might reasonably ... Read More »

Buying Business Insurance Online

  Here are some top tips if you’re considering buying business insurance online. This presumes that you’re already fairly clear on the type of cover you need, though many experienced companies offering facilities for buying business insurance online will also be only too happy to offer advice and guidance: some companies offer facilities for obtaining quotes and buying the cover. That’s ... Read More »

Tesla Car Insurance

Tesla cars are certainly eye-catching and the latest Model S in particular has grabbed the headlines of car reviewers and favourable public opinion alike. It might come as a surprise, therefore, that as of 2016 there are only 2,135 of the various Tesla models registered for use on UK roads – and that figure represents just 0.01% of all cars ... Read More »

Guide to Classic Car Insurance – Everything You Need to Know

Classic car insurance can be complicated, and you need to research all of the different options and discounts that are available. Over the last few years the policies that are available have changed, and more insurance companies are adapting their insurance for classic cars. As soon as a car is over 15 years old it becomes a vintage, which means ... Read More »

Protecting the people closest to you

Most homeowners these days will have taken some sort of basic security measures in a bid to protect their property. Whether these are fairly straightforward steps such as installing a burglar alarm or even CCTV cameras, most people will have improved the security of their house in some way. Failing to do this is risking a break-in at a home ... Read More »

Cheaper insurance for trade union members

Everyone wants to pay the lowest amount possible for their insurance policies. Nine times out of ten, these are policies that we never make claims on. After all, it’s just there as a back-up in case something goes wrong. But it’s not always easy to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal as there are so many insurers out ... Read More »