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Increase Sales with Card Payment Solutions

The credit and debit card has become the preferred method of payment for most people, even in face to face transactions. Developments in wireless technology, in particular, mean that taking payments by card is a must, so if you’re not already doing so, you need to check out the latest developments. Before we go on to talk about the various ... Read More »

Some Advantages of Prepaid Cards You Should Know

Recent years have seen a quiet revolution in the way we choose to pay for goods and services, as more and more transactions are paid for by credit cards instead of cash. Traditional credit and debit cards have grown in popularity because they are often a quicker, safer and easier alternative to carrying a wad of cash in your wallet. ... Read More »

New Year’s resolutions: Make them finance related

With the New Year rapidly approaching, you might be wondering what changes you can make in your life. Of course, losing weight, quitting smoking and joining the gym are typical resolutions – but what about organising your finances? Here’s some inspiration to help you get out of the red. Take stock of your debt If you owe money to multiple ... Read More »