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How Document Shredding Services Can Benefit Your Business


Although some businesses may not be aware, the confidential destruction of data used by your business is actually a legal responsibility that you have, and so it is extremely important that it is done correctly. You are required to protect the data that you use and store, particularly customer data, and any breach in what is required of you can result in significant fines. If the potential for hefty fines isn’t a big enough problem in itself, the fact that time and effort has to be spent by somebody at the business to go through hundreds of documents and completely destroy them can be another issue for business owners or management.

This is where many businesses enjoy the benefits of employing a document shredding company, of who take care of all document shredding responsibilities and ensure that everything is done correctly, and in the most efficient way possible. However, there are also a number of other benefits to using secure document shredding that businesses throughout the UK enjoy on a daily basis.

Increased Data Security

When a business looks to destroy their own paper documents, the first thing that they will do is usually to get the paper shredder out of the cupboard and gather all of the documents that they wish to destroy. However, most paper shredders only slice the paper into vertical strips, of which can be placed back together rather easily. This doesn’t provide much security to the destruction of the data that you are destroying, as if the paper strips were to get into the wrong hands, they would easily be able to reassemble the documents and use the data for no good.

Document shredding companies often use cross-shredding techniques, slicing the documents into much smaller pieces, making it almost impossible to put the documents back together. Shredding companies also adhere to the European standard for document shredding, called the DIN 32757-1, of which features six levels of security, providing reassurance to businesses that the documents are completely taken care of.

Office Space can be put to Better Use

When undertaking the job of destroying paper documents, it is likely that you will need a section of the office to not only store documents beforehand, but also to set up the shredder and sort through documents that you wish to destroy. This office space could be put to much better use, such as increased productivity for the business, or you could even downsize offices, making more efficient use of your space and saving money.

Office Shredders aren’t the most Efficient Pieces of Equipment

Firstly, office shredders aren’t designed for constant use to destroy of hundreds or thousands of pieces of paper. As such, once you have gotten to a certain point down your pile of documents, your shredder is likely to need a rest or may even have given up completely due to exhaustion. If your shredder is to remain reliable, it may not be able to handle everything that you throw at it, with staples, paperclips or binders likely to cause issues for your shredder.

As well as this, as office shredders aren’t able to continuously shred documents for hours on end, it will take much more time for a member of staff to do, taking them away from their normal responsibilities – something that isn’t very cost-effective for businesses.

Confidential Destruction of Data is a Legal Requirement

As part of the Data Protection Act 1998, both the storage and destruction of data should be kept private and confidential. Without a professional storage or destruction service, your business runs the risk of not fully complying with the laws and regulations surrounding this issue, and this could spell disaster for your business. If you fail to comply with the law, your business could face big fines, much higher than the cost of using a professional company.

Better for the Environment

When using a professional company for document management, the destruction of your documents is often done in a much more environmentally friendly way. Waste paper has a very bad impact upon the environment, especially when not disposed of correctly, with millions of tons of paper arriving at landfill sites each and every year. By using a professional company rather than destroying your documents manually, the remains of the documents will be disposed of in the best way possible, and in a way that benefits the environment the most.

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