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How Document Shredding Services Can Benefit Your Business

  Although some businesses may not be aware, the confidential destruction of data used by your business is actually a legal responsibility that you have, and so it is extremely important that it is done correctly. You are required to protect the data that you use and store, particularly customer data, and any breach in what is required of you ... Read More »

Building and Growing Your Amazon Business

  What is the buying strategy of your small business? Do you shop around for the supplies and materials you need from a variety of different sources or do you aim to take advantage of the discounts and special offers likely to be available from a single supplier? Striking a deal with a single supply may have all the advantages ... Read More »

How to Reduce Your Haulage Insurance Premiums

  Few fleet managers are likely to be unaware of the need for cost containment. Some though might not quite appreciate just how much scope they might have for saving money on their haulage insurance premiums by taking a few basic steps. Some of those options are noted below. Driver management Haulage insurance might offer “any driver” cover if required (providing ... Read More »

How to Sell Your Accounting Services

  The world of accounting solutions and services is a very competitive one; after all, every company – no matter the size or scope – needs accountants to make sure they have everything covered, and while your team may be experts in accounts and taxation requirements – and the regulations and laws that go with them – they are not ... Read More »

How to Secure a Business Loan with Bad Credit

  Did you know that you can secure a business loan even if you have bad credit? Many people may have given up on the area, but it is true. They find themselves coming up with a great business idea, but due to lack of money and a poor credit score, they let their ideas fly away. Royalty Free Photo ... Read More »

Buying Business Insurance Online

  Here are some top tips if you’re considering buying business insurance online. This presumes that you’re already fairly clear on the type of cover you need, though many experienced companies offering facilities for buying business insurance online will also be only too happy to offer advice and guidance: some companies offer facilities for obtaining quotes and buying the cover. That’s ... Read More »

Increase Sales with Card Payment Solutions

The credit and debit card has become the preferred method of payment for most people, even in face to face transactions. Developments in wireless technology, in particular, mean that taking payments by card is a must, so if you’re not already doing so, you need to check out the latest developments. Before we go on to talk about the various ... Read More »

With a capital: Is accessibility important for business growth?

Any business wants to be in the epicentre of commerce, culture and communication. And as more start-ups continue to flock to London, one needs to stop and ask why exactly this is. Whether it is the creative West End, the ‘yuppie’ Shoreditch or the financial City, the capital city continues to prove why it is ‘the place to be’ for ... Read More »

How easy is it to re-brand?

Companies will typically undertake a rebrand for any number of reasons. Whether it is to better reflect a change in its core business model, or to update the logo so it is more relevant to the 21st century, they can expect to face a number of problems if they want to be successful. Brand implementation is a tough prospect for ... Read More »