Staying Healthy On a Budget


How can you stay healthy and feel better while working on a tight budget? It might seem a little bit far-fetched to think you can take better care of yourself when looking after the pennies but in today’s post I’m going to show you just how to stay in tip top shape without breaking the bank. Vitamins are dear, but ... Read More »

Bringing Up Baby Without Breaking the Bank

little baby lying on a pile of dollars

The recent birth of Princess Charlotte was hailed by the media as the proverbial blessed event, and the world has collectively fussed over those charming photos of the new princess and her solicitous big brother George. While the birth of any child is a cause for celebration, the expenses incurred can seem like anything but a blessing if one is ... Read More »

Effective Ways To Recycle Old Mobile Phones


You don’t need to have a degree in technology to know that mobile phones are manmade, synthetic product that contain lots of parts that are harmful to the environment.  They are wonderful and practical when they are in use, but when you throw them out without taking care, the mercury, lead and in some cases, arsenic found inside them can ... Read More »

Getting crafty with the kids


Children love to spend their days cutting things up and making new toys and gifts to give to relatives on their birthday or at Christmas. It’s sometimes expensive though when you visit craft shops for supplies or look to buy purpose-made kits, but there are a number of ways to spend many days being creative for little or no cost. ... Read More »

Hospital Negligence Claims – Learn How you can Claim


Hospital negligence claims sound complicated, but you need to ensure that you pursue the claim when things go wrong. If the hospital that you are being treated within fails to provide the correct care, you are entitled to make a claim. Although this area of law can be complicated, there are plenty of companies that can assist. If you want ... Read More »

Guide to Classic Car Insurance – Everything You Need to Know

Classic Car Insurance

Classic car insurance can be complicated, and you need to research all of the different options and discounts that are available. Over the last few years the policies that are available have changed, and more insurance companies are adapting their insurance for classic cars. As soon as a car is over 15 years old it becomes a vintage, which means ... Read More »

Dealing with Professional Negligence Surveyors


Surveyors are one of the many professionals that you will turn to in your life, and these are typically used for land or property purchases. Many building projects, purchases and sales will need a survey performed, which is when you need a professional. Claims against surveyors were once uncommon; however, today more people are choosing to sue their surveyor. If ... Read More »